Palestinian leader in the Hypermarket segments

Shini Group is a privately owned investment holding company, whose mother company was founded in 1965. Through hard work and determination, the group has become a well-established organization evolving into several companies in various lines of businesses, mainly hypermarket chains, tobacco distribution, gas station, money exchange and tourism. Currently we have also established a company for importing and distribution of consumer goods– Food and HPC from prominent regional and international brands. In Palestine, the family name “Shini” is associated with Consumer Goods. Throughout our history we were always first in line to introduce the Palestinian consumer to new products either through our strong hypermarket platform or through our distribution network and relationships with the trade. Shini Group has the strength required to pursue an ambitious growth strategy policy through its stable and strong financial base, transparency and professional will

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To provide the Palestinian consumer with the best choices for their everyday needs in the retail industry through a strong distribution force


To be a prominent FMCG provider in Palestine in both retail and distribution for consumer goods that will exceed customer and consumers expectations alike by providing quality and affordable products with a secure supply chain of uninterrupted flow of goods using highly motivated staff and strategic partnerships with our sister companies and suppliers.